Training Schedule

camp_pembroke_2016_3215When you join Camp Pembroke as a counselor, you commit to participating in pre-camp training, which may be online, by phone or in person. You’ll also need to attend a pre-camp orientation with teaching skill seminars in the week or so before the camp season begins. Israeli staff attend a special additional session in Israel in the spring.

Key Dates 2015:

  • First Year Counselor Training #1:
  • First Year Counselor Training #2:
  • Aquatics Training & Certification:
  • Staff Orientation:

Experienced supervisors will continue your training throughout the summer to enable you to reflect on and strengthen your work: instilling lifetime values such as teamwork, acceptance, sportsmanship and self-esteem; ensuring safety and responsibility; managing any homesickness or discipline… all while teaching fun activities, spending your summer along Lake Oldham, and living the spirited, Jewish life that is the cornerstone of Camp Pembroke.


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