Co-Directors’ Welcome

Welcome to Camp Pembroke,
the Cohen Camp just for girls!

Thanks for your interest in getting to know Camp Pembroke!

Established in 1935, Camp Pembroke is the ONLY inclusively-Jewish camp JUST FOR GIRLS in all of New England. This is a “world away,” a special girl-focused environment free of many social pressures that may exist outside of camp. While many girls lose their voice and even self-confidence during adolescence, Pembroke is especially adept at nurturing girls’ strength and identity. Here, girls feel safe to be themselves, try new things, and grow into the person they want to be. In the studio and the pool, on the stage and the field, in lakeside Shabbat services or late-night bunk talks, girls get to laugh, cheer, listen, hug, share, and flourish.

We look forward to welcoming you and your daughter to this special ‘Brokie sisterhood. Please come for a tour or get in touch to learn s’more!


Amy Coran and Becca Goldman
Co-Directors of Camp Pembroke

“Pembroke gives my daughter a warm, unpretentious environment, the opportunity to form wonderful friendships and a safe, caring setting.” ~ Pembroke parent