Parent Testimonials

“Our daughters are proud Jewish women due largely to Camp Pembroke. Their summer sisters are their best, closest and deepest friends. And they have felt truly cared for by the gifted staff.”

“The sense of sisterhood at camp is amazing. It really is a summer family.”

“My daughter’s sense of “sisterhood” and the support of her fellow bunk mates and counsellors has made a huge difference in her development and respect for “self” — as a woman, as a Jew and as an individual.”

“I appreciate the diversity of the programs: a girl who likes sports is just as likely to love Pembroke as a girl who loves the arts.”

“I had hoped that she would learn a sense of community and would really enjoy learning Jewish traditions. Also, I hoped that should truly enjoy being a part of the Shabbat services. My hopes were definitely fulfilled.”

“Pembroke gives my daughter a warm, unpretentious environment, the opportunity to form wonderful friendships and a safe, caring setting.”

“Camp Pembroke is great in coaching the girls on being true to themselves and good to one another. My girls are so confident in who they are as a result.”

“The fun memories are never ending stories in my home.”

“My daughter is proud of her Jewish heritage. Camp Pembroke has given that to her and so much more than I had hoped for.”

“We are always impressed by the counselor staff, and the range of activities.”

“Shabbat services are great. They are a perfect balance of fun and tradition.”

“The camp is physically beautiful, well maintained, and nestled by fertile land and a quiet lake. Also off the beaten track, away from traffic and cosmopolis, making camp feel the escape it should be.”

“She comes home each year more confident, more attuned to her friendships, more aware of her Jewish identity and completely HAPPY.”