Our Caring Approach

At Camp Pembroke, we root our approach to community, caring, and self-esteem in our Jewish values, especially friendship and teamwork, diversity and inclusiveness.

Becoming a young woman can feel complex, full of “girl stuff:” the social intricacies of growing up together. The Pembroke staff undertakes with great care its responsibility to nurture and care for our campers. Each staff person works hard to serve as a role model and to make a positive impact each day, and we train our staff to spot and address quickly any social and health concerns. We assign each girl to a bunk that will give her the best possible experience, and we nurture the bunk behaviors that bring out the best in everyone.

Welcoming First-Time Campers

If you are attending Pembroke for the first time, it won’t take long for you to feel you are a part of the Pembroke family! We start each session with lots of games, both as a whole camp and as a bunk. Campers all have lots of new friends by dinnertime the first day. Plus, at meals we’ll assign each camper to a table with kids of all ages, so everyone will get to know each other together.

Bunk Life

Friendships are important, and we value them here at Camp Pembroke. If you already know other campers here, you can request to be in a bunk with up to two of your friends, and we will try to place you together if possible. Keep in mind that we also like to mix things up so that everyone gets to make new friends, too! Bunks are grouped by grade, electives group girls by interest, and many activities take place together, so you will have plenty of time with friends even if you are in different bunks.

Each bunk has between two and four counselors living in the cabin depending on the number of campers assigned to a bunk and the age of those campers. Our camper/counselor ratios meet or exceed The American Camp Association standards. And we train each counselor extensively in helping new campers settle into camp life.

S-Team Project for Older Campers

camp_pembroke_2016_3017As girls grow into young women, self-esteem becomes essential. Camp Pembroke has created a unique program, “The S-Team Project” for our oldest campers. We also call it “Chazak-Chazak,” or Strength-to-Strength. The program provides an engaging series of speakers, activities and discussion groups exploring topics relevant to today’s Jewish young women. It draws on Jewish readings and teachings, among other materials, to spark conversation and reflection. Together, Camp Pembroke’s oldest campers consider body image, the place of women in Judaism and Israel, nutrition, and conflict resolution at camp and at home. Individually, each girl embarks upon her lifelong discovery of her own individuality and personal identity. She deepens her personal engagement with her own Judaism, and she finds her own path into her heritage and tradition.

“Camp Pembroke is great in coaching the girls on being true to themselves and good to one another. My girls are so confident in who they are as a result.” ~ Pembroke parent

Dor L’Dor Israel Experience

We strongly believe that direct experience of Israel — the opportunity to create a personal relationship with the people, land and heritage of Israel — is integral to the way each person develops their Jewish identity, values and character. Dor L’Dor offers our oldest campers a capstone experience: an intensive five-week tour of Israel, a trip that is physically, spiritually, and intellectually stimulating, combined with leadership training back at camp. Learn more >

“She comes home each year more confident, more attuned to her friendships, more aware of her Jewish identity and completely HAPPY.” ~ Pembroke parent