Inclusion Statement

Cohen Camps is proud of our ever-developing legacy of encouraging members to embody their strengths that we make real everyday by the commitments that we offer to our community. With each passing year, we are an increasingly supportive and embracing community that is excited to provide an environment to grow and celebrate one another.

We welcome all who wish to join our community, and we celebrate the diversity of campers, Dor L’Dor, Kadima, families, staff, visitors, and guests. Jewish and interfaith families, people of color, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals, people with disabilities, and individuals of all ages and faiths are part of our family.

We are striving to become an increasingly inclusive and welcoming environment for our community, strongly affirming the value of inclusivity in all areas of camp life and culture. In all of our programs, we are dedicated to learning and growing in ways that foster values and encourage unity within a diverse community.

We also acknowledge that even within our warm and inviting surroundings, Camp Pembroke is made up of individuals who are similar, but also unique. It is our hope that together we can ensure that Camp Pembroke encourages meaningful participation and creates a warm sense of community for all of us. And when we stumble, because sometimes we are not sensitive, we are committed to learn, invest, and reflect more deeply into the values we strive to uphold.

As a community, we know that an important aspect of inclusion is continually reflecting and evolving as we go. If an issue that is not aligned with our culture and values comes to your attention, we expect to respond. You are always encouraged to communicate with us if you have concerns or if there is someone you would like to better support or include.

We are determined and inspired about our diverse community, and we look to enhance our ways to become an even more intentional and inclusive community celebrating uniqueness through respect, empathy, appreciation, understanding, compassion and warmth.