“Girl Stuff” at Pembroke

Our all-girls environment frees girls from the social pressures that may exist in their world outside of camp. ‘Brokie girls develop self-confidence and character, find strength in themselves and gain strength from each other, while they gain skills and have fun.

We root our approach to community and self-esteem in our Jewish values, especially friendship and teamwork, diversity and inclusiveness. Camp Pembroke helps girls navigate and learn to manage their relationships with other girls, a skill that they will carry with them forever. Think of it as the most meaningful, most fun slumber party ever!

Parents sometimes ask how we handle “girl stuff,” the social intricacies of growing up together. The Pembroke staff undertakes with great care its responsibility to nurture and care for our campers. Each staff person works hard to serve as a role model and to make a positive impact each day, and we train our staff to spot and address quickly any social and health concerns. We assign each girl to a bunk that will give her the best possible experience, and we nurture the bunk behaviors that bring out the best in everyone.

S-Team Project

camp_pembroke_2016_3017As girls grow into young women, self-esteem becomes essential. Camp Pembroke has created a unique program, “The S-Team Project” for our oldest campers. We also call it “Chazak-Chazak,” or Strength-to-Strength. Please click here to read more.

“My daughter’s sense of “sisterhood” and the support of her fellow bunk mates and counsellors has made a huge difference in her development and respect for “self” — as a woman, as a Jew and as an individual.” ~ Pembroke parent