First-timers: Try camp for a day…or 2 weeks!

When is the right time to send your daughter to camp?

What will her first summer be like?

Overnight camp is a big milestone for both parents and children. You know best what your child is ready for. We all want each summer to be her best summer yet. It’s OK to be nervous about the separation, even while you are excited for the adventures she’ll enjoy, the friends she’ll make, the confidence and skills she’ll build, and the FUN she’ll have.

Camp Pembroke welcomes girls generally at age 8, although a few like to start at age 7. Most girls start here in the summer before they enter 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th, grade–with plenty more joining every year after that. Our sisterhood is so welcoming and we build and share so many memories so quickly that after the first few days it’s very hard to know who is “new”!

Camp Pembroke and its experienced, highly-trained counselors and staff create a sisterhood that is cozy, caring, and full of so many possibilities for every girl. We start each session with lots of games, both as a whole camp and as a bunk. Campers all have lots of new friends by dinnertime the first day. Plus, at meals we’ll assign each camper to a table with kids of all ages, so everyone will get to know each other together.

The camp experience is empowering and enriching with many, many benefits to unfold beyond its summer days. We’re here for your daughter–and for you.

Lots of ways to “try” Camp Pembroke:

  • Try Camp for a Day on Sunday, July 12, 2020! Be our guest for a fun day, with camp activities for prospective campers and tours for the adults, plus lunch and a raucous song session with the whole camp community. RSVP to Co-Director Amy Coran >
  • Try Camp for 2 Weeks in a Taste of Pembroke session, open to a limited number of new campers who will enter 2nd-5th grade in the September after camp. Taste campers are fully immersed in regular camp programming and bunks. Having fun? Making great friends? Happy campers may choose to extend their stay for the full session! See Dates & Tuition >
  • Tour camp! The best time is in summer, when the campers are here, but we welcome tours year-round. Request your tour today >
  • Enroll for a regular full session, which gives your child the opportunity to immerse herself fully in the traditions and friendships she’ll find here. It can feel like a big step, but she’ll get the most out of it. Enroll now >

Here’s a checklist to help you know when the time is right for camp:

  • Is your daughter comfortable going on sleepovers? (Camp is the best sleepover ever!)
  • Does she like to have a little bit of (well-supervised) independence?
  • Does she know girls at Camp Pembroke already? (Some girls like to attend with friends.)
  • Does she NOT know anyone at Camp Pembroke yet? (Some girls like to have a “fresh” set of camp friends.)
  • Does she or would she like at least one of the following: swimming, arts, ceramics, performance, kayaking, soccer, tennis, volleyball, dance, paddleboarding, pedaling a sparkly pedal-boat, baking challah, jewelry making, cheering, drama, singing?

If you said “yes” to 2 or 3 of these questions, the time is probably right.

Did you consider THIS benefit? 🙂

Once parents get past the initial hesitation, some discover an unexpected benefit: you, too, can enjoy a little fun and freedom while your daughter is away at camp. If you have other kids at home, they usually love getting some extra attention. And if you find you have the house to yourself, well… you can enjoy the free time yourself. It’s all part of the growth experience!

Always available to talk

If you would like to talk about signing up your daughter for her first Camp Pembroke summer or experience, please get in touch. Co-Directors Amy Coran and Becca Goldman are in the year-round office at 781.489.2070 until early June, and after that they are at Camp Pembroke (hooray!) at 781-294-8006. You can also email us at

See you at camp!

“She comes home each year more confident, more attuned to her friendships, more aware of her Jewish identity and completely HAPPY.” ~ Pembroke parent