Why #GivingTuesday?

  • By now you have undoubtedly heard about #GivingTuesday and you may be wondering why we would be asking for donations so soon after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  The answer is simple: The #GivingTuesday Movement is about bringing people from around the world together for one cause; celebrating generosity and giving back.

    This is a perfect reason, and we at Camp Pembroke thought it would be even better to describe the purpose of #GivingTuesday with the words of a camper, since our campers are the real reason to give back to the place that you love.  Jessica Cohen wrote a news article about Camp Pembroke for a school project and we thought it was appropriate to share her words here for all of you to read.  For my part, I can only reiterate that sentiments like those expressed so beautifully by a camper are truly the reason that I do what I do.

    With Love and Appreciation,

    Ellen and the Staff at Camp Pembroke



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