What’s Up With Electives?

  • Elective Sign-Up is a BIG. DEAL. Ask any veteran ‘Brokie and they’ll agree! So what can you look forward to this summer?


    Well there are all of our favorites, of course:

    1. Water sports: The most requested of the electives, water sports has plenty of options. From Waterskiing to Sailing, and even Stand Up Paddle Boarding! If you want water sports, make sure you sign-up for it!
    2. Athletics: Whether you want to keep your skills up to par, you want to try something new, or you just like to get your blood pumping- there is something for you in athletics. From skills based clinics to fun backyard games, it doesn’t matter your skill level
    3. Visual & Performing Arts: Obviously Drama for those who want to participate in the always popular musicals (TWO each session- wow!), plus Videography & Photography, and of course every dance you can think of!


    But what’s new? What should you (or your camper) get excited over that’s starting this summer?

    1. The Great Outdoors: we’re putting the outdoors back into camping with Outdoor Adventure! With our fabulous Hiking & Outdoors Specialist, Lauren Fisher, the girls will get to explore the Camp Pembroke and the local area on hikes, learn all about camping, and even experience an overnight camping trip (great preparation for Dor L’Dor!). Sign up for Outdoor Adventure and experience the outdoors like never before!
    2. Visual & Performing Arts: Dance Like A Star, Glee Club, and Open Mic are great if you like performing in front of a crowd! In workshop style, girls will get to perfect their performance (whether dancing, singing, or other) over the session and then perform in front of the entire camp!
    3. Arts & Crafts: Calligraphy & Gold Leafing– learn the art of calligraphy, designing word visual art, and enhance your project with gold gilding!


    There are plenty of new electives to choose from, and all of your old favorites too, so read over your Elective Guide and be prepared to sign-up starting MONDAY, MAY 11TH AT 7:00 PM!

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