What’s In A Knish?

  • DSC_1344We decided to try something new and different at Camp Pembroke for Friday programming this year: make knishes, stand-up paddleboard yoga, visit and learn from a local chocolatier, lessons from a professional basketball coach, hiking trips to a secret location, cake decorating, special ceramics classes, and more – these were the Friday morning offerings at Camp Pembroke this summer. Not your average Friday schedule, to say the least – and our campers loved every activity offered during our Friday Fun Days!

    DSC_1444We recognized that sometimes it is challenging to accomplish all that we want to in a single activity period, and thought that offering an intensive workshop, clinic, or class not offered in our regular schedule would be fun for our campers.

    Having a longer time block allows campers to really learn a skill, and to accomplish something tangible. Campers signed up early in the week for the special activity that appealed to them, and got their assignment on Thursday. Each week the offerings changed, and the girls loved the element of surprise on Monday mornings when we released the list for that particular week.

    This schedule change added a new fresh dimension to DSC_1548our program offerings, and was a welcome addition to our standard activity list. The inclusion of professional instructors was enormously successful, and we are planning to increase and vary the list of activities offered for 2016. We especially loved when our parents or alumnae participated.

    Do YOU want to share your special skill with our Pembroke campers on a Friday morning? We would love to talk with you about your talents and interests!


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