The Time of Our Lives

  • In just a little over 48 hours we’ve unpacked, settled in, gone kayaking for the first time, gotten our mixed table assignments, had our first ravioli lunch, tried out for JAF, covered this place in feathers and glitter, jumped on the water trampoline, gone swimming, written a letter home, made a friendship bracelet, gotten hugs from our head counselors, been cast in the play (Lion King!), met the other campers in our swim classes, experienced two full days of regular programming, made a new friend…deep breath…exhale…Shabbat shalom.

    My most favorite time of every week during my summers spent at camp, is finding a shady spot at camp, usually not far from the lake, to take a bit of time to reflect on the week and share my gratitude for the sunny days spent in the absolute best place on earth. In just one day, high fives have turned to hugs and looks of uncertainty and curiosity have turned to confidence and comfort. The transition was quick, mostly seamless, and seeing it all happen is one of the best parts of my job. It’s been nine years since my last Opening Day here, my last first grilled cheese of the summer, my last first lap around the horseshoe arm in arm with friends who love camp just as much as me. These are the lasts that I now hope last forever. The concept of “camp time” is exciting, confusing, and magical. A day feels like a week and a week passes in the blink of an eye, and already I’m wishing I could drag my feet to slow the summer down.

    At camp we measure time, and our everyday experiences, differently. We think less about the minutes and hours that our day is composed of and instead focus on the content of the moments spent surrounded by our new bunkmates, favorite friends in the world, and the most supportive counselors and staff. Fifteen minutes is one lap around the perimeter of camp with your favorite counselor talking about your day. One hotdog, a hamburger and two congo bars is how we measure a great first BBQ. Forty-five minutes trying an activity for the first time shows courage and a sense of adventure. Bunk 15’s jibit party represented a sense of sharing and community. A perfect score on inspection demonstrates teamwork and unity within a bunk. Two fistfuls of soil as you plant grass with your age group in nature shows a chance for new beginnings and growth. Every inch of camp, every moment we experience is oozing with opportunity for instilling confidence, self-esteem and an unlimited sense of independence. Time spent here is invaluable for all of our campers, new and experience, young and old.

    It already feels like we’ve been doing this for months and yet there’s nothing I want more than to hit the pause button and maybe even rewind, but for now, I’ll just take it all in and appreciate the time I get to share with this amazing staff and incredible group of campers. Shabbat allows u a moment to pause, rest and enjoy a different pace of day with the same incredible people. Thank you for sharing your daughters with us, we promise to love them as our own and give them the best weeks of their lives.

    Shabbat shalom!

One response to “The Time of Our Lives”

  1. Josh Conescu says:

    I. Miss. You. All.
    But especially on Shabbat.

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