The Pembroke Sisterhood

  • Something magical happens on Lake Oldham in Pembroke, MA. The girls who excitedly spend their summers at Camp Pembroke each summer immediately join a sisterhood that goes back more than 75 years. There is nothing that I do as director of the camp to make that happen. In fact, it’s nothing that anyone has done, it’s just part of our culture. We don’t have an official big-sister program in place because the older girls of the camp were scooped up and guided when they were younger, and each year they help the younger girls along their path as well. It struck me most in August of 2009, during our 75th anniversary celebration, when I looked out over three generations of women sitting in our pine grove for Shabbat services. Before me were women, some young, some not so young anymore, all sharing a love for Camp Pembroke. They are all strong, Jewish women and girls whose lives have been shaped for the better by their shared experience. Although much of this happens without the intervention of administrative staff and counselors, our competent staff is available to assist in the process. Like any other girls who are learning and growing they need lots of nurturing and encouragement. They learn to develop their individuality and self esteem and know that they can be strengthened by the bond that they share with one another. The Camp Pembroke staff is here to create a safe, welcoming, Jewish environment designed to guide, encourage, and nurture their campers. With their strong sisterhood in place, their lifelong friendships endure.

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