• Memories of laughter, friendships, and the true sisterhood that make Camp Pembroke our summer home can become less vivid during the winter months- while many of us endure 100+ inches of snow and months of below-freezing temperatures. So you can imagine how happy it makes us to hear from our camp families and their daughters, who are counting down the days until the next season begins. We are thrilled to be reminded of the Big Picture – the enthusiasm and love that our campers have for camp; the real reason that all of us love doing the jobs that we do. We want to share an email that we received from one of our families just this weekend; it truly demonstrates the impact that Camp Pembroke has on the lives of our campers!

    Hi Ellen,

    The girls and I stopped by camp on our way back from the Cape today. 

    They did not believe the snow would be all melted by July this year!

    It amazes me how excited they always get when we turn onto Oldham Rd. 

    Camp Pembroke is a magical place. Tears of joy ran down their face as we drove in and around the horseshoe. 

    They ran around in the rain and went to the Pine Grove and counted how many more days until they returned “home”

    Even on a quiet and rainy April day, Camp Pembroke brings so much joy and excitement to my girls.

    See you soon,


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