Shabbat at Pembroke


    Our second Shabbat was full of energy and spirit.  We had a beautiful night on the lake with the sun shining and our girls voices carrying throughout the cove.
    Shabbat is one of the most magical experiences at camp and our campers are a large part of what makes it so wonderful.  The girls look forward to celebrating Shabbat with their friends every week and our counselors love being there with their campers.  Anyone who has visited camp on Shabbat knows how the whole camp links elbows and sways in unison to every song, prayer, and melody.  It’s such a special moment when the camp joins together in song.  Many of our songs have been carried down from generation to generation and become true Shabbat traditions while others are brought back from our CA Israel trip or shared by our International Staff.  For me, Shabbat is such a special time that brings everyone together and helps instill the bond of sisterhood.
    This week, we had had one of our new campers perform a special violin solo in front of the whole camp.  She played beautifully and the entire camp applauded and cheered on her achievement.

    Sing included many camp favorites like David Melech and we all joined hands for many Israeli line dances including Hava Nagila.

    We’ll be posting some additional photos & videos from Shabbat weekend on our Facebook page so please be sure to keep checking back for new updates.
    Shabbat Shalom,

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