Role Models and Mensches at Camp Pembroke

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    Counselor and campers at Pembroke on Shabbat

    We were so thrilled to find out that one of our young campers, Aliya, decided to generously donated a portion of her weekly allowance for many months to Camp Pembroke, her summer home which she loves. She is donating part of her allowance in honor of her counselors and older campers; her role models. In Aliya’s words, she is giving because “I looked up to the Y’Rush (10th grader) girls and my counselors and other older girls at camp.”

    Camp Pembroke is an all-girls camp, where the sisterhood is undeniable, and absolutely palpable as one enters the campus. Our campers at have always looked up to their counselors and the older campers as role models, which we take great pride in cultivating. Many older-younger camper connections are made organically, while others occurs because we deliberately place campers of all ages together at meal tables and program evening activities to encourage these connections.

    Camp Pembroke has been the summer home to thousands of young girls over its almost 85 year history. The special sisterhood, “summer sisters for life,” is one of the strongest bonds that any Pembroke camper feels. Our counselors and campers set the example for our younger campers, and each feels the generosity of the other. Aliya’s gift not only honors her role models, but the importance of nurturing and supporting positive role models at camp.

    Pembroke is a nonprofit organization. Every donation helps us nurture staff, improve facilities, and offer scholarship aid in ways beyond what tuition covers. Many parents and alumnae make end-of-year gifts, and we are deeply grateful to all our donors (link to the donor listing). As Aliya has recognized, every gift of every amount makes a difference, and improves camp for all the campers to come.

    Thank you to the Y’Rush campers and to the counselors who inspired Aliya — and thank you to Aliya: you inspire all of us with your generosity.

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