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    Jenny (2nd row, far left) with the six other Pembroke DLD: College Style interns and four of our Israeli camp counselors

    The Cohen Camps has embarked on a new initiative this spring – Onward Israel Dor L’Dor: College Style!  We sent a total of 11 college-aged interns to Israel for five-week internships in their respective fields of college study, the first program of its kind in the camping world.  They are immersed in the culture of Jerusalem, where they are sharing apartments together. They are also meeting some of our Israeli counselors who will be joining the staffs of all three Cohen Camps in summer 2014. The interns are counselors and former campers from all three of the Cohen Camps camps: Camp Pembroke, Camp Tevya, and Camp Tel Noar. Onward Israel partners with the Cohen Camps to fund and support Onward Israel Dor L’Dor: College Style.

    Pembroke had many applicants for these positions, and seven of them were chosen to participate in this program. I would like to share an email that I received from Jenny, one of our Pembroke DLD: College Style interns. Her email offers a sense of the experience that all of the interns are having in Israel.  It brought tears to my eyes because it truly brings to life why those of us in the camping world do what we do…

    Hi Ellen,

    Hope all is well with you!  I wanted to shoot you an email just to say hi and thank you for this incredible opportunity to be in Israel while still being able to go to camp.  I wanted to tell you about two of the incredible opportunities that we had this past week that I think will really benefit our staff and Pembroke this summer.

    First, we had the opportunity to meet some of the Israelis who are joining us on staff for the first time; wow!  That was so special for us to be able to do – and we will have the opportunity to meet up with them a few more times, too!  They all seem so fabulous and we did a singing activity with them.  Then, we had time to hang out with them on our own and get dinner with them.  They had so many questions about camp, and it was so great to be able to talk to them and answer some of their questions.  It was great to have the chance to meet some of us before camp actually starts.  I think that this not only helped me to be better able to include them and incorporate them more successfully on staff, but it also helped them to get to know us and know that there will be familiar faces when we all join together during pre-camp.

    Second, today all of us walked to a nearby park where we sat and did a few activities together.  One of these activities involved all of us sharing our approaches to different situations at camp in a game in which we either “agreed” or “disagreed.”  I had always heard about certain situations that happened with campers at Pembroke and how our counselors handled them.  I had never had the chance before this to hear new stories and approaches to situations that happened at Tevya and Tel Noar.  It was really a great opportunity to be introduced to new ways in which Tevya and Tel Noar counselors handle certain camper situations.
    So far I have found this trip to be so eye-opening and incredible.  Living in Israel alongside other counselors who value camp just as much as I do is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Thank you so much for helping to make this happen and giving me this experience.

    See you soon!


    Caroline, a Tel Noar DLD: College Style participant, has been chosen by our Israeli partner organization Onward Israel to write about her experience in Israel. You may read all about her DLD: College Style experience on her blog. For more information about how the DLD: College Style program came about, please read Jonathan Cohen’s blog post on Creating Great Internships — and Counselors Too.

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