Haksheevu, haksheevu nah!

  • Haksheevu, haksheevu nah!

    In case you haven’t met us, we’re the Alumnae Fundraising Committee (you know- the ones tagging you on social media, e-mailing you and inviting you to fun events we are dreaming up). Today we are thrilled to guest-blog and let you know the background on what we have been up to this summer! 

    For 85 summers, Camp Pembroke has been home to generations of girls and women. Over its 8 plus decades of existence, Pembroke has fostered a community that extends long beyond summers at camp. When Pembroke was unable to open its doors for summer 86 due to COVID-19, many of us felt compelled not just to grieve the loss, but to act, help, and lead – skills that are second nature to us because of everything we learned at camp. Enter the fundraising committee. 

    The alumnae fundraising committee spans different age groups, careers and locations but all of us share a deep love for camp. We have all been connected to camp in different capacities throughout the years, but have made the decision to dedicate our time to bringing Pembroke to a healthier financial future for all Brokie generations to come. The commitment level from everyone involved is something we are truly thankful for and inspired by every day.

    We have been busy dreaming up grassroots initiatives to provide support to the Cohen Camps’ development team and help them close the $3 million dollar deficit across the three camps resulting from this summer’s closure.  Thus far, we have raised close to $30,000 through our social media efforts, and online ‘electives’ including a 305 Dance Fitness class! We are on pace to raise considerably more through our Silent Auction (BID HERE), with bids being accepted through August 7th.

    Our efforts this summer will culminate with our marquee event on August 9th – Songs, Stories and S’more. This online program will bring together generations of Brokies, and provide an opportunity for our community to sing, celebrate our history, and commit to preserving our future. The program will include faces familiar to generations of Brokies past and present.

    Whether you have been to camp with someone we are featuring or you may have simply heard of them,  there is an unspoken bond between Brokies as Camp Pembroke tradition runs deep. Whether your experience at camp was in 1960, 2000 or 2019, you will find many similarities in what you loved about your days in the horseshoe. With open arms, we invite current campers and camp families to join us. (REGISTER HERE)

    Finally, we are hopeful that our efforts this summer are just the start of an ongoing resurgence of alumnae involvement in the Camp Pembroke community that will be sustained for years to come. 

    We are pleased to commit our time, passion, and money to support Pembroke’s future. We know that so many of you share our enthusiasm and invite both alumnae and current families to join us in our ongoing efforts. If you have ideas, would like to become involved or have questions about how to contribute, please email us!


    In sisterhood,

    Your Alumnae Fundraising Committee 

    Marissa Brockman (CA ‘13)
    Stephi Dworkin (CA ‘08) 
    Morgan Glucksman (CA ‘11)
    Erica Gold (CA ‘08)
    Jodi Gold (CA ‘05) 
    Jamie Spiller Kaplan (CA ‘02) 
    Dana Kappel (CA ‘08) 
    Emily Kaufman (CA ‘12)
    Jennifer Kaufman  (CA ‘09)
    Lauren Koblick (CA ‘00)
    Lauren Makucin Merriam (CA ‘00)
    Shelby Mosier (CA ‘09)
    Rebecca Murphy (CA ‘05) 
    Jaclyn Rosen  (CA ‘09)
    Alex Einhorn Smith (CA ‘04)
    Jill Vetstein (CA ‘91)
    Brooke Zindulka (CA ‘11)

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