Food, Glorious Food!

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    Paul-HenriksenMeet Paul Henricksen, our new Head Chef!

    Chef Paul is determined to give our girls nutritious, delicious meals to sustain their energy and joy all summer. Our camp takes great care with food: our kitchen is Kosher, we provide a salad bar at every lunch and dinner, and we make sure that campers and staff with dietary needs—whether they are vegetarian or have food allergies—get the care and fare they need.

    This summer, Chef Paul plans to take our food up a notch. He has worked in restaurants since his teens and, oooh la la, he even apprenticed in France! His resume is sprinkled with names of fine French restaurants and awards from renowned gastronomy societies. This is his first summer at a camp, and we’re delighted.

    How does Chef Paul feel about this new challenge of heading up Camp Pembroke’s dining services?

    “I can’t wait!,” he says. “I do a lot of consulting for restaurants, and I know what works.”

    What is the chef most excited about this summer?

    “It’s important that the girls have a good nutritious meal everyday, and that they are excited about their meals. It’s a big thing for me. My kids have gone to camp, at places where they feel no one puts thought into the food. I’m the person who puts thought into it. It’s important to me that the staff and kids have a great menu, find the food delicious, and want to come back because of the food.”

    Let’s talk food. What’s your approach?

    “There are ways to enhance the menu with different sauces, preparations, and varying the vegetables to make it taste good. I’m going to bring some new twists, plus thematic menus like, “taco night.” We’ll also feature favorites like spaghetti and meatballs.”

    The proof is in the plates…

    As serious diners, we’ve become so dependent on reviews. But at camp, how does a chef know what everyone thinks of his food? It’s simple! Paul says, “If all the plates are empty, I know they liked it!” He adds that he will be out in the dining room so that the campers and staff get to know him. “The kids can be open with me about what they like and dislike. I want them to enjoy the summer. I hope that the food is a big part of it, and they enjoy that part of it as well.”

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