Five Reasons You Just CAN’T Beat An All-Girls Jewish Camp!

  • Interested in summer camp? Know someone else who is interested? Feel as if you can’t explain how WONDERFUL going to an all-girls camp is? Look no further! We’ve done it for you with just five simple reasons.



    Pembroke_2014_5794Fun: Being around just girls gives you a chance to “let your hair down” without worrying about social pressures that exist outside of camp.  With chances to splash, paddle, get sporty, get creative, dance, sing, and so much more… It’s like one big, extended sleepover!


    Pembroke_2014_1098Relationship-building: Living with and working with girls in a camp setting encourages closeness, fun, sharing, working together, and resolving issues which help girls learn how to build and sustain relationships with other girls.  All-Girls camp is a great environment for cultivating positive female relationships, not always encouraged in our competitive society.  Camp Pembroke also especially stresses the opportunity to learn how to communicate verbally and in person, in the absence of social media.

    Pembroke_2014_5817Identity:  An all-girls environment offers the perfect setting for girls to feel safe to be themselves, to try new things, and really shape who they are.  There’s no such thing as a “boy activity” or a “girl activity” at camp; girls are allowed to explore and experience without stereotyping or shaming.


    Self-esteem: In a time where studies show that girls lose their voice and even self-confidence during adolescence, an all-girls camp sheds positive light on women taking charge. At Camp Pembroke, we provide an environment that nurtures and encourages girls to speak their mind from a young age. Our important “S-Team Project” gives 9th and 10th grade girls an in-depth program to grow their self-esteem, voice, and personal identity in Judaism.


    Pembroke_2014_2917Summer Sisters: Out of everything that an all-girls camp provides, the number one thing that campers and alumnae of Camp Pembroke mention the LOUDEST is the life-long friendships they created over the summer.  Across the country and across the globe, ‘Brokies get together to reminisce about summers on Lake Oldham and spending Friday nights in the Pine Grove.

    Don’t wait to become a ‘Brokie!  Contact us to Learn S’more!

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