Celebrating Our Mothers

  • Camp Pembroke 75th Anniversary Reunion

    Abby and her daughter (current camper)

    I know, just as you all do, that Mothers Day is really a Hallmark-created holiday.  It does give me pause, though, to think about my own mother who passed away 10 years ago in the middle of the summer.  My mother, when I first signed my daughter up for Camp Pembroke many years ago, could not understand why I felt it was so important to send her to a Jewish overnight camp – although I do think she appreciated the all-girls aspect of it.  Thankfully, I know she eventually fully understood the benefits of Camp Pembroke – because she watched as her granddaughter became more self-confident, independent, appreciative of her Jewishness, and comfortable in her own skin.  She was incredibly proud of the young woman that her granddaughter had become – and she knew that Camp Pembroke had a significant role in that.

    I can’t help but take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the Camp Pembroke mothers who continue to send their daughters and granddaughters to us, because they all acknowledge the benefit of the self-perpetuating sisterhood that is so unique to our environment.

    Camp Pembroke 75th Anniversary Reunion

    Two generations of Zankel campers

    This summer, we proudly welcome the fourth generation Pembroke girls who will carry on this legacy.  These girls, like their mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmothers before them, will discover themselves at camp while learning new skills, adjusting to being part of a special community, and developing life-long friendships.  They will continue on a journey of developing their own Jewish identities – and many will become immersed in their own Jewish communities through volunteer efforts or by becoming rabbis, cantors, and holding other leadership positions.

    I am proud to be part of this 80 (so far) year journey, and of the women who have attended Camp Pembroke and gone on to share their knowledge and themselves with others.  I am grateful that Hallmark has provided this opportunity for me to salute you, to thank you for what you do for camp, for our communities, and for your families.  I encourage all of our Pembroke mothers and alumnae to join us on August 3rd for a celebration of 80 years of sisterhood.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


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