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  • Kadima! Let’s go! Introducing the Kadima Leadership Training Program

    First in a series about the Kadima Leadership Training Program This year, Camp Pembroke celebrates its 85th season, Camp Tevya its 80th, and Tel Noar’s 75th comes up next summer! My grandfather, Eli, who founded the three Cohen Camps, always felt that learning and shared experiences connect Jewish values and history to keep our community […]

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  • Walking Sightless Among Miracles on Shabbat

    Last summer, I began my own Camp Pembroke journey. As we get ready for Summer 2018, I think back to last year’s staff training. That first afternoon with the full cadre of counselors gathered, we went around in a circle to answer “What are you most looking forward to about camp?” So many of the […]

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  • Food, Glorious Food!

      Meet Paul Henricksen, our new Head Chef! Chef Paul is determined to give our girls nutritious, delicious meals to sustain their energy and joy all summer. Our camp takes great care with food: our kitchen is Kosher, we provide a salad bar at every lunch and dinner, and we make sure that campers and […]

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