Camp Vs. The Internship… Why Not Both?

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    Alex, Brooke, and Sarah at Nitzana in the Negev during the Shabbat sunset

    This spring marks the second year of participation for Camp Pembroke in the Onward-Israel Start Up Intern, an internship program for summer camp staff, provided by the Foundation for Jewish Camp and Onward Israel.  The Cohen Camps piloted this program for camp counselors last spring, when we collectively sent 11 Cohen Camps counselors as participants.  This year, the program has grown to include counselors from other Jewish camps, and there is potential for even more growth in the future.


    Brooke, Kira (CTN), Alex, and Sarah in the Mamilla mall right before the old city

    Last year, 7 Pembroke counselors represented Camp Pembroke in Jerusalem, and this spring, we accepted 3 Pembroke counselors into the program.  Onward Israel is an immersive internship program offering internships in the fields of study of the participants.  Our girls spend 5 weeks in Israel, living in an apartment together, learning about Israel and immersing themselves in the culture.  During the day, they travel to nearby internships that were specially selected for them based on their interests and study areas.

    In their free time, there are some programs that they may opt to participate in, and they have the opportunity to meet our Israeli delegation for the upcoming summer.  They may visit with Israelis who they met when they participated in our Dor L’Dor leadership program.  The counselors return to the States in time to join their summer sisters at Camp Pembroke to share their experiences and their journeys with the campers and staff at Camp Pembroke.


    Jake & Kira (CTN) + Our Pembroke Girls

    The Onward Israel experience, for our campers and for Camp Pembroke, continues to help cement our connection with Israel and strengthen the bonds with our Israeli staff, counselors and friends.  There is just something about being in Israel; just ask anyone who has been there, or ask our Onward Israel interns.  It just feels like you are coming home to family.



    Alex and Sarah in the Negev desert

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