Camp Pembroke Honored with Goodman Prize for Excellence in Israel Education at Camp

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    I am so honored to let you know that Camp Pembroke has just been awarded the inaugural “Goodman Prize for Excellence in Israel Education at Camp!” We are being recognized for our success infusing Israel into camp culture and the overall Pembroke experience. Please read more about this wonderful honor on eJewishPhilanthropy.

    The Goodman Prize was an intense competition with nine other camp semi-finalists. Camp Pembroke will receive a $1,800 cash prize at a ceremony at camp this summer. The biggest reward, of course, is what all these new projects and programs mean for the girls and young women of Camp Pembroke and their connection to Israel, today and for years to come.

    Discovering and connecting with Israel is central to the Camp Pembroke experience. Over the last three years, we have added creative and successful programs and projects that help our girls feel this connection in their hearts – the beginning of a lifelong appreciation for the people, culture, joys, and complexities of Israel.


    Our cohort of five Goodman Fellows trained per summer make every project personal and compelling, while connecting Israel to camp. Some of our favorite projects have included art, storytelling, dance, and song, connecting campers to each other, to alumnae, to our shared history, and to Israel, in ways that resonate for each girl in her own way. Together, we have celebrated experiences, such as a Yom Hazikaron Ceremony on Tisha B’Av.  We have created lasting projects that meld art and history, such Jewish Heroine Benches and Pembroke/Israel picnic tables. And we have made memorable our Israel Life and Learning curriculum: campers have “met” costumed historical figures, discovered Israeli innovations, and won prizes (Israeli flags and shekels, for example) for answering questions on our Israel Cash Cab.


    Of course, our capstone program, the 5-week Israel leadership program for our oldest campers called Dor L’Dor, infuses the Camp Pembroke summer with Israel connections all summer long. Campers hear weekly updates from Dor L’Dor travelers every Shabbat, and then hear stories in their own bunks once these young adults return late in the summer as Counselor Assistants (CAs).


    Ben Rotenberg, our Director of Jewish Life and Learning, has spearheaded our work, and we have benefited from Goodman-run trainings and their database of excellent ideas. Thanks to funding and support from The Goodman Camping Initiative for Modern Israel History through the Foundation for Jewish Camp, we have begun a new phase of depth and excitement around Israel at Camp Pembroke.

    You can help us appreciate the Goodman Initiative even more by liking this post on Facebook, so they truly feel the love and gratitude of the Pembroke sisterhood!

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