Camp Pembroke Alumnae Showing Their Love!

  • The Shiny and Sparkly Pedal Boats!


    This is the amazing story of how the Camp Pembroke Alumnae came together to make a dream come true! Ellen Felcher, the Camp Pembroke Director had just returned from seeing these shiny, sparkly pedal boats at a camping conference in March and while they were not quite in this years budget, Ellen wanted them for her campers. Getting the pedal boats on Lake Oldham for this summer became priority number one!

    Almost immediately, a group of alumnae formed into teams Blue, Gold, “Poiple” and Green (of course!) and went to town on a letter writing campaign asking their camp friends to contribute to the Pedal Boat Fund. These wonderful women came together and in a short time raised the entire $8,400.00 necessary to purchase the boats and have them delivered to Camp in time for opening day.

    I would like to share with you an excerpt from one letter written by a dedicated alumna who wrote so poignantly of what Camp Pembroke has meant to her and why coming together to purchase the pedal boats for Camp was so important to her.

    ” To me, Camp Pembroke is the magical place where I spent 13 summers. A horseshoe of white framed bunks overlooking Lake Oldham, where I found my second home and my closest friends, a little piece of heaven on earth. Whether you went to camp to learn a new skill, to make new friends, or to just escape the day-to-day of home life, the result was the same. Camp Pembroke changed our lives, and it continues to change the lives of the younger generations each and every summer….I have decided to raise money to cover the cost of one of the larger items on this list; a 2-person pedal boat that our waterfront would greatly benefit from. I hope you see this as I do; as more than just buying a boat, but as an opportunity to bring together women of all ages to join in supporting our beloved Camp Pembroke.”

    We are so grateful to all our alumnae and for the letters they wrote and to everyone (we even had a few men donate) who contributed their time, treasure and talent toward achieving this goal, it was truly remarkable. The Camp Pembroke alumnae, both young and old and from near and far came together like sisters to make this an extra special summer for all the young girls at Camp Pembroke. We could not be more thrilled with the efforts of our alumnae. Please consider becoming involved in our Alumnae Association and be a part of a truly special sisterhood. I hope that you will join us this coming weekend for our annual Alumnae Shabbat events on June 22 and 23, 2012 or sometime this summer to see the boats firsthand.

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