Breathe In, Breathe Out

  • Innnnnn….and outtttttttt. For the last 16 months Amy and I have been holding our breath. Waiting, hoping and praying that this summer would resemble what we all know a Pembroke summer to be. Planning and re-planning and then starting all over again all with the intention of just getting to camp, then getting our staff and campers to camp, and then having an unforgettable summer. It was tense, it was exhausting but it became so beyond worth it the moment that first car rolled into camp last month and just like that, we could breathe again. After more than a year of uncertainty, heartache and disappointment, April became May and May became June and our family was back. We could finally take a big deep breath. And just like a deep breath, when your body, soul and mind get exactly what it needs, camp gave all of us exactly what we needed. Connection. Sisterhood. Community. Normalcy.

    And then there are the moments that take our breath away completely…

    Banquet was filled with amazing moments that left us in awe. Our Y’Rush campers stepped up and provided an incredible final evening of dinner and entertainment. The decorations, centerpieces, dances and food were some of the best we’d seen and we are so glad their incredibly hard work over the last few weeks made it all possible.

    Our counselors. Where do we even begin? We are constantly reminded of how lucky we are to have this crew caring for our campers. We strongly believe that we were given this team to help us get through this year. Their resilience, empathy and creativity is absolutely unmatched and we know how lucky our campers are to get to experience camp with your gentle guidance and compassion.

    Teary goodbyes. We know how lucky we are to have another session ahead of us, but for more than 120 of our campers, they experienced their final moments here at camp this morning. Watching some of our littlest and youngest campers with tears streaming down their faces as they held on for one last hug from their beloved counselors is a reminder of the pure magic that exists here. We cherish those moments because behind those tears are the memories, lessons and independence to last them a lifetime.

    The inhale of the last month has been exhilarating. Filled with triumphs and challenges, but more than anything, filled with friends and the comfort of camp and the depth of a community so rich with support and encouragement. Today, the closing day for First Session, was a big exhale. Not a sigh of relief even in the slightest, but a moment of satisfaction and contentment that our campers had gotten what they needed this summer and were ready to take their next fresh breath and move on to their next big adventure. Breathe in that last breath of fresh, camp air and know that we’ll be waiting for you next summer, or next session!

    Shabbat shalom

    Becca & Amy

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