Big & Little, Sisters & Moments

  • While I would never say my ideal wake-up call is the sound of whistles blowing furiously outside our house, but it was a welcome disturbance as Y’Rush came flooding into our yard this morning to partake in a beloved camp tradition – the morning Color War rally. What a full circle moment. It felt like just yesterday that it was me, bent on one knee as we looked up at Leslie, to beg for Color War. I can distinctly remember the look on her face and the way she so casually responded “not yet” to the pleading. Growing up at camp and then getting to fill the big shoes of Director many years later is an opportunity not many people have. The beauty of it is not lost on me.

    There is beauty in the big traditions and the small moments. There is beauty in watching a little sister meet her big sister for the first time. The wide eye moment when the little sister realizes who that cool older girl is that just sent her on a scavenger hunt through camp. Then there are the small moments, when you watch that big sister tuck in her little sister at night or see her through a bout of homesickness. And even more sentimental moments, when that little sister becomes a big sister years later and gets to be that person for someone else. Through your summers at camp, there are so many milestones- this is just one of them.

    There is beauty in the cultural diversity at camp. Earlier this week our Mexican and Colombian counselors and support staff planned a night of dancing, games and music. While international night has been an activity at camp for the last several summers, this year it was different. Maybe it was because the focus was on Latin culture, maybe it was because all of our staff was involved, or maybe it was because the excitement and enthusiasm was at an all-time high. It was energetic, it was festive, it was loud! Watching Emily and Stephanie learn how to salsa and watching Caryn get spun around by Luis were just two of the evening’s highlights. Our staff worked so hard to plan such a colorful and thoughtful evening where two cultures collided in such a beautiful way.

    And alongside the traditions come the small moments that sometimes mean the most and often times leave the longest impact. It’s seeing Penny sprint down the athletics field to greet Jules after not seeing her all day. It’s being able to spend an hour on a Wednesday afternoon playing Nitroball with Haifa Ashdod and Y’Rush. It’s watching Bunk 4 learn the Jewish Arts Festival dance from a group of older campers and performing it like they have been practicing for weeks. It’s hearing Ellie practicing lines for the play with younger campers. It’s the proud moment when Juliet’s bunk congratulated her for passing the deep end swim test. It’s the overwhelming sense of community, celebration and family that exists here at camp.

    It’s the beauty in the traditions and the beauty in the small moments that make it all worth it. I feel so lucky to be able to continue to experience these moments with all of your children.

    Shabbat Shalom,

    Amy & Becca

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  1. Essie says:

    Love this. Love you! Thanks for making such a special place for the girls.

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