Anticipating Israel and Lifelong Israeli Sisters

  • Pembroke DLD staff with Israeli counselor Mor


    Just last week, the Cohen Camps sent about 120 excited teenagers to Israel on our Dor L’Dor Leadership Program.  Our Pembroke girls made up about 40% of those teens, and the girls have been preparing for this day since they were 7 or 8 years old. For many of them, it was their Israeli counselors (the shlichim — the delegation from the Jewish Agency for Israel), who got them most excited about the opportunity to visit Israel with their camp sisters when they will be entering 11th grade.

    At that time, Dor L’Dor seemed a long time away.  The girls and counselors made promises to see one another in Israel when their Dor L’Dor trip finally became a reality, letters were sent back and forth over the years, followed by emails and Skype calls.  Sometimes, our girls lost track of their Israeli counselors, but the anticipation the shlichim built for the Dor L’Dor experience never waned.

    Imagine the surprise of our Pembroke Dor L’Dor campers last week when they boarded their El Al flight in New York for Israel and were greeted by two very special flight attendants – their Israeli counselors from Bunk 4 had grown up to become flight attendants! There they were, working this flight to Israel with all of their Pembroke sisters on board! What were the chances that Mor and Advah would be the flight attendants bringing our girls to Israel for the first time with their camp sisters? As you can imagine, knowing the strong sisterhood that is at the heart of the Camp Pembroke experience, there were lots of joyful tears and hugs as they caught up with each other during the long flight!

    The connections that our campers make are not only with their bunkmates and camp sisters – but also with the staff who helped them to form their Jewish identities at Camp Pembroke over the years.  These connections, that stand the test of time and exist all over the world are, as the saying goes, priceless.  These are the ties that we want our girls to form during their years here at Camp Pembroke – but to see this happen in front of their eyes was just unbelievable!

    The Jewish/Israel/American connection is very strong here at Pembroke, and our campers love the experience of getting to know their counselors from Israel and all over the world.  Not only do they form friendships here in the States, but with their sisters are all over the world. In this case, their sisters were right there to lauch them on their journey of discovery in the land of Israel.

    How special and unique is that??!!

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