Monthly Archives:August 2020

  • Lost & Found & Grateful

    In a typical summer, when I think of Lost & Found, I think of heaps of soggy, sun-faded towels that have seen better days, bathing suit bottoms, broken crocs, and the largest variety of water bottles you could ever imagine. I think about the favorite raincoat that gets traded in for an eventful rainy day […]

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  • Haksheevu, haksheevu nah!

    Haksheevu, haksheevu nah! In case you haven’t met us, we’re the Alumnae Fundraising Committee (you know- the ones tagging you on social media, e-mailing you and inviting you to fun events we are dreaming up). Today we are thrilled to guest-blog and let you know the background on what we have been up to this summer!  […]

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