16 Things That Every ‘Brokie Understands

  • No matter your age, whether you’re a camper, counselor, or alum, ‘Brokies share a special bond. As the new year approaches we wanted to remind all of our sisters what they can look forward to in 2016!

    1. Counting down to Opening Day (As of December 31st it’s only 180 days)insta countdown
    2. It’s POIPLE, not purple   DSC_5376
    3. Tutus are the perfect accessory to any outfit, from socials to hiking!DSC07752
    4. MTV Night… because Tsfat and/or Y’Rush don’t always win!BeFunky Collage
    5. Remembering what Color War team you were on every single summer (…and every single College Night team too)  DSC_1980
    6. Dedicated to Camp Pembroke… Love Us! DSC_1041
    7. Being lucky enough to play tambourine or drums in “Miriam’s Song” during Shabbat DSC06034
    8. Picking your electives are some of the hardest choices you’ll have to make  DSC_1444
    9. That feeling when your bunk gets released from Flag first for BBQ DSC_1964(Yes, it’s that good)
    10. Pembroke swag is the greatest treasure Camp_Pembroke_2015_1408
    11. Wearing blue & white on Shabbat IMG_3923
    12. Guessing what new, awesome things will be at camp next summer (like the rock wall in 2015!) Camp_Pembroke_2015_5547
    13. Getting the PERFECT picture of a sunset over Lake Oldham11903732_1173695142646299_6423986685765139705_n(by: Sara Merken)
    14. Mousse Cups are a delicacymousse-cups
    15. Tie-dye is both high fashion AND a super fun art projectDSC_1489
    16. Knowing that your Summer Sisters are forever friends! Camp_Pembroke_2015_4031

    Can’t wait to see you this summer!!!


    Ellen & Allison

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