Thank you for getting Pembroke cooking!

Your contributions are sizzlin’!

Thank you to every alum who donated and/or purchased raffle tickets to help get Pembroke’s Culinary Program to the boiling point! Your generous support will go toward bringing our vision of a very special and exciting “What’s Cooking” culinary program to life for our campers!

A very special thank you to
Douglass Williams, Chef/Owner of MIDA Restaurant in Boston’s South End,
for an excellent and tasty cooking lesson at the Reunion!

Amount raised:

In “What’s Cooking,” campers will practice kitchen safety, receive nutritional hints, be coached in how to make traditional Jewish dishes and middle eastern favorites by local chefs and our kitchen crew, learn to measure, to read and follow recipes, and to work in teams to create delicious additions to some of our meals and celebrations in camp. Our culinary electives are super-popular, so this new program will enable us to offer even more robust programs!

To make this program possible, we’ll invest in a building which will house a freezer, refrigerator, ovens, work stations, sinks, and more. This building will also contain a new staff lounge, providing more space for our counselors and support staff to spend time off together in season, and which can be heated in the off-season for meetings and events. Camp Pembroke gets a wonderful new space, and campers and staff will both use it!

We can’t wait to make this dream a reality. The donations from the 85th Reunion will cover much of the costs, and we welcome further contributions to camp to complete the funding. Would you like to donate? Thank you!

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