Dor L’Dor Israel Program

Jewish life and learning at Camp Pembroke can culminate in an extraordinary experience, the Dor L’Dor (Generation to Generation) Leadership Program for our oldest campers. Current campers who have completed the 10th grade may join their peers from the other Cohen Camps, Tevya and Tel Noar, for an intensive five-week tour of Israel, a trip that is physically, spiritually, and intellectually stimulating. They return to Pembroke as Counselor Apprentices for the rest of the summer, where they take on a new leadership role, share their new exposure to Israel with younger campers, and continue their leadership training.

Younger Pembroke campers relish the weekly Shabbat updates sent in by the Dor L’Dor travelers. This program and its young role models help even our youngest campers discover the deep value in connecting with the historical, religious and cultural aspects of the State of Israel while they look forward to growing ready for Dor L’Dor themselves.

“This trip was life changing. It gave her a greater appreciation of her heritage and she learned so much.” ~Pembroke Parent